June 30, 2009

Brand-new Japanese beer is released for losing our weight!?

This is advertisement for a Japanese brand-new beer!

Generally speaking, drinking beer is completely conflict with diet. But bran-new Japanese technology can finally solve this contradiction. We can enjoy beer as long as we are satisfied without care of calorie calculations!!

Are you really able to imagine that this beer will help you to lose your weight?

But Japanese have a nature to challenge any contradiction in order to enhance their standard of living step by step!!
So, because of such kinds of character, We Love Japan!

June 29, 2009

"KANJI" - Japanese character - No.1

These days we see many foreigners who put on the shirt designed by Japanese characters: KANJI, like the above picture. Of course it is happy for us to spread out our culture throughout the world!

KANJI originated from China is different from the other characters, like English, in terms of its symbolic expression. This means that any character in English is devised from phonetic standpoint, on the other hand, KANJI is from hieroglyphics. For example "a" is just a sound of voice and has no meaning itself, however KANJI is given its meaning by itself.

I suppose why many foreigners are fond of KANJI is its stylish shapes, and we fully agree that. Besides, Japanese has an another reason for the love of thier character: its meaning! We enjoy using KANJI for expression of the meaning. Please see the KANJI in the right-side picture. This KANJI means "Transition" and it was selected as "The Year of KANJI, 2008". When this KANJI was publicized on the last day of 2008, every Japanese thought about many fluctuated circumstances in 2008, such as change of the Prime Minister, economic changes, personal changes, etc.

So, if you understand the meaning of each KANJI, you can enjoy KANJI furthermore!!
I am pleased to introduce many KANJIs in my blog.
Let's enjoy our unique character: KANJI! because We Love Japan!

June 20, 2009

What is this advertisement?

Can you understand what this advertisement means??
This is a medicine specialized for Japanese commuters!!

Many Japanese in a large city commute to their office/school by train. So you know!? the train in the morning are full of people and people without any affordable space. Then, imagine! if you would suddenly feel defecation in the train while you are pushed into the congested mass. What you can do is just waiting to a next stop for several minutes with fighting desperately against unintentional elbow beats by other passengers!!!

Please do not laugh at this funny story. This is a serious problem in Japan.
In such a stituation this medicine become the God, because it immediately alleviates the acute feeling of excretion. So many Japanese commuters have this medicine, even if they sometime forget to bring an important report for their boss!!

Is this a stupid custom???
But We Love Japan!
*This medicine, named "Stoppa A Anti-Diarrhea Medicine," is manufactured by LION Corp.(http://www.lion.co.jp/en/products/html/pro00201.htm#15)

June 16, 2009

Hard work exhausts Japanese

Since many Japanese business persons are exhausted by their hard working, sometime hard drinking-communications!?, a midnight train in Japan is a relaxing place for them in order to recovery physical power for another hard work with their wives!
They are very funny! But We Love Japan!

1) Because I am Japanese, it would be very helpful for me if you would advise incorrect English sentences, if any.
2) Please let me know any unique character in your country!