August 02, 2009

Let’s learn the number-counting way in Japanese KANJI - by introduction of our position in the world ranking -

This article is continued from the previous one.

No. 5
Wow! Japan is no longer a well-off country, because we got ‘5’th worse-ranking of poverty. Actually this poverty raking is calculated based on the income-gap between among the nation. To mitigate the income-gap is one of the urgent subject in our Government now.

No. 4

What a beautiful lady she is, isn't she!
Besides, to make us be astonished furthermore, she, Yuri Fujikawa, is a politician of municipal assembly. She was selected as “4”th rank of the World Beautiful Politician (as of April 2, 2009) in accordance with the on-line vote conducted by Spanish newspaper:

Now every country is seeking green-energy resources. The most realistic resource is Solar Power. Japan has constructed many solar power generation plants, which capacity is 197 Million kw in total. This is the “3”rd largest in the world, following Germany: 540 Million kw and Spain: 230 Million kw.

(Sharp HP:

Japan is in the “2”nd largest economic country based on the GDP. However it is said that China will take over the position soon because of its drastically economic development.

(Night View in Tokyo:

(Photo from:

Please see the above sisters. They were 107-year-old twins!! recorded as the longest life of twins in the world. Their name are Kin Narita (age at death: 107) and Gin Narita (age at death: 108), and they were most famous and loved twins as our national grandmothers.

When they reached 100 years old, many medias took up the twins; accordingly they got much money. Then one day a reportor asked them “What are you thinking of how to use the money?” They answered together “We would like to save them as securities in our old age!!”

It’s very funny, isn’t it!
That is way they could live longer, that is way We Love Japan!

August 01, 2009

Let's learn the number-counting way in Japanese KANJI - by introduction of our position in the world ranking

The above is the number counting way in Japanese KANJI. (from one to ten)
Today let’s learn them one by one, by means of introducing rankings of Japan in the world so that you can impressively remember each of numbers!
Shall we start from ten.

No. 10

The number of population in Japan: 127,580,000 is “10”th in the world. Please see the list of countries ordered according to population.

No. 9

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2008-2009 by World Economic Forum (WEF), Japan is ranked “9”th in the world. We are dropping every year. Something must be done to recover!

No. 8

We succeed to get 9 gold medals in Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, which ranked “8”th among participants. (For information: 1st is China, 2nd is U.S.A. and 3rd is Russia.) However, the rank was actually worse than the previous Olympic in Athens; we ranked “5”th with 15 numbers of gold medals at that time.


According to the annuncement of FIFA World Rankings on Women's association football dated on March 27, 2009, our Japanes women's association has succeeded in 7th rank! This is the highest order ever! On the other hand, mens' one is still in competition among the Aisian countries (around 40th).

This result reflects the truth of the current situation in Japan. Namely it means that men are not stronger than women in every field no longer...


According to THE-QS World University Rankings 2008, we succeeded to be awarded in ‘6’th rank, this is mainly because Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), like MIT in U.S.A., has been evaluated much more higher than previouse year.

We are trying to beat a current recession by developing our science and technology furthermore!!! That is why We Love Japan!

To be continued.