July 26, 2009

Let's glance at Japanese souvenir! - in Narita International Airport -

When you visit Japan, you will be at a loss to select Japanese souvenirs, because we have so many unique goods, such as traditional ones, characters, electrical products, etc.

So I am introducing some of our Japanese souvenirs today. What I show you today is from Narita International Airport, where is the last place you can buy souvenirs prior to departure. Please check the following souvenirs in advance so that you can save your time in the airport!

1. Small articles

- Stand mirror designed by Japanese famous places and characters (Left)
- Magnet clip with Japanese traditions (Center)
- Chopsticks with Japanese design (Right)

- Traditional handy mirror(Left)
- "Sensu": Japanese traditional handy fan (Center)
- Japanese lacquerware (Right)

"Maneki Neko": Fortune Cat (They bring you happiness!)

2. Character goods

- KITY-chan (Left)
- TOTORO from a famous animation film (Center)

3. KANJI/Family Crests

- KANJI T-shirts

- KANJI Letter (Left)
- Phone Strap with Family Crests (Right)

4. Kimono

- Kimono for summer season (You can easily put it on without any skill!) (Left)
- Pouch for Kimono (Center & Right)

- "Sensu" for Kimono Shoes for Kimono (Left)
- Shoes for Kimono (Center)
- Kimono lady (If you/men don't have your girlfriend...) (Right)

5. Samurai/Ninja
- Samuai armors (You can put on) (Left)
- Samurai armors (miniature) (Center)
- Samurai doll

Ninja Mask

These are just a part of our various souvenirs!!
Please present these Japanese souvenirs for your families, friends and partners, because We Love Japan!

July 25, 2009

"KAMON" : Japanese Family Crests

KAMON: Family crests are one of the Japanese traditional culture.
During the Warring States period, each Daymyou* had their own Family Crests and they put the crests on their armor, flag, letter, and so forth.

Nowadays KAMON is used for symbols of shops and design of goods.

If you want to have your own KAMON, we can arrange for you,
because We Love Japan!!

July 19, 2009

Japanese Lord: Hideyoshi Toyotomi

(Toyotomi Hideyoshi)

As the master of Osaka Castle, Hideyoshi Toyotomi is a famous historical hero in Japan.

He succeeded to settle the upheaval during the Warring States period (15th - 17th Century) . Actually he was the man who got the most successful life in Japan. He was born of peasant-warrior family. Normaly such child could not change his job easily due to social rank system.

However his talented and witted character was found out by his lord: Nobunaga Oda, then he started to his success story. He was so fascinated with an ambition of Nobunaga that he exerted himself for Nobunaga's trial of unification of Japan. Then he succeed the ambition from Nobunaga and consummated it, after Nobunaga was killed by his vassal's rebellion.

This is the symbol of Toyotomi family: "Family crests". Actually this crests are originated from the Emperor of Japan and this is still used for the Emperor's Family now.

The design of the crests is from a Chinese parasol tree: blue-paulownia. Blue-paulownia is known as something good luck, because it is said to be a perch of Chinese phoenix.

The main reason why Hideyoshi Toyotomi could succeed in his life is he was extraordinary diligent in his work with optimistic character. Since such mind/attitude is succeeded to our generation, we are called worker-ants in the business fields!

Only hard working lead us a lofty goal; that is Japanese sprit!!!
That is why We Love Japan!

July 18, 2009

Japanese Tradition: Osaka Castle

Samurai: it's one of the symbol in Japanese tradition.

They were born in 8th century and activated till 1867, when Edo period finally ended. During the long history of Samurai, they were at their best in the Warring States period (15th - 17th); therefore the Warring States period attracts many Japanese strongly.

At that time Japan was divided by many autonomous feudal lord (called "Daimyou") and each Daimyou constantly tried to enlarge their influence by armed conflict in order to unify the nation. This upheaval had been finally settled by three consecutive Daimyou: Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Iesasu Tokugawa. They are very famous in Japan as the heroes of making history.

This is the Japanese castle, named Osaka Castle, established by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1583.

Hideyoshi constructed this castle as a symbol of unification of Japan at that time. The castle itself is 8 stories-building, and you can enjoy a beautiful Japanese garden, moats and solemn gates and castle walls!

Many foreigners visit here and they are lost in thought on the era of 410 years ago. (Just like pigeons as the below photo!!!)

I am going to introduce many kinds of Japanese castle and our Samurai's histories, because We Love Japan!

July 15, 2009

It's summer time!

Now it is more than 33 degrees Celsius in Japan, even if it is evening time. Many Japanese business persons become so thirsty that they cannot bear drinking on the way back to their home!!
So many temporary street drinking stalls emerge during summer seasons.

These foods are not so cheap, but they attract the business persons...

But it seems that most of the business persons who enjoy enthusiastically are men of more than 50 years.... I guess if they come back their home earlier than their wife's expectation, they would be treated as a nuisance!!! That is why they have to spend time in the outside with their young fellows, even if the young men don't want to join!!!

Is it funny custom in Japan?? But We Love Japan!

July 13, 2009

Night Bus

Since a bullet train, i.e. a super express train, called as "Shinkan-sen" is one of the famoustransportation system in Japan, many foreigners asked me to give them an opportunity to experience it.

However today I would like to introduce another unique transportation vehicle: night bus.
Please see the night-bus photo that I have just took from Osaka to Tokyo yesterday.

There are two lines of sheet in the bus, and each sheet is designed like a capsule for your comfortable sleeping!!

The space of the sheet is almost same as a business sheet in an airplane, however it is 5 times cheaper than air ticket! When you take the bus at 23:00 p.m. form Tokyo, your will reach most of major cities in Japan at 7:00 a.m. next morning.

Many people, especially for young men/women use the night bus.
Please try to take the night bus so that you are familiarize with the Japanese younger generation, because We Love Japan!!!