July 13, 2009

Night Bus

Since a bullet train, i.e. a super express train, called as "Shinkan-sen" is one of the famoustransportation system in Japan, many foreigners asked me to give them an opportunity to experience it.

However today I would like to introduce another unique transportation vehicle: night bus.
Please see the night-bus photo that I have just took from Osaka to Tokyo yesterday.

There are two lines of sheet in the bus, and each sheet is designed like a capsule for your comfortable sleeping!!

The space of the sheet is almost same as a business sheet in an airplane, however it is 5 times cheaper than air ticket! When you take the bus at 23:00 p.m. form Tokyo, your will reach most of major cities in Japan at 7:00 a.m. next morning.

Many people, especially for young men/women use the night bus.
Please try to take the night bus so that you are familiarize with the Japanese younger generation, because We Love Japan!!!

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  1. ahaha very cool.
    I like Japanese people cause they think about every single detail. :3