July 10, 2009

Japanese Brand-new Technology No.2 - Water Oven -

When you hear a word of "oven", what kinds of oven pop up in your mind?

Gas oven? Electric oven? or Microwave oven?

I bought the below brand-new oven in Japan. The appearance is just same as a standard microwave oven, however this oven equipped with an advanced technology developed by SHARP Corp, which is called as "Water-Oven".

Can you imagine that water can warm, grill, roast and sometimes fry food??
Yes We Can!!

The principle of mechanism is this:
When water is heated up more than 100 degree Celsius, it is turned into steam, then steam is heated up furthermore, the steam become "heating vapor". Since this heating vapor has latent heat of 539cal/g, it can transmit the heat to substances by contacting. That is why water can be the leading role of an oven.

Water-Oven has mainly three advantages compare with other heat-oven technologies.
1) Cutting fat
Thanks to heating vapor, foods are swiftly heated up; consequently any fat inside of the food are dissolved and flow away.

2) Desalt
The condensed heating vapor, which lost it latent heat and became dew on the food, can absorb salt and remove it from the food.

3) Preservation of nutrients
Because the inside of oven is saturated with heating vapor, airless circumstances is made. Accordingly, oxidization of oil in the foods are prevented, then as a result, nutrients are preserved.

Now I enjoy healthy meals thanks to Water-Oven!
Let's join the new life style with us, because We Love Japan!!

*Please see the detials of Water-Oven provided by SHARP. http://www.sharp.ph/morehealsio.htm

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