July 19, 2009

Japanese Lord: Hideyoshi Toyotomi

(Toyotomi Hideyoshi)

As the master of Osaka Castle, Hideyoshi Toyotomi is a famous historical hero in Japan.

He succeeded to settle the upheaval during the Warring States period (15th - 17th Century) . Actually he was the man who got the most successful life in Japan. He was born of peasant-warrior family. Normaly such child could not change his job easily due to social rank system.

However his talented and witted character was found out by his lord: Nobunaga Oda, then he started to his success story. He was so fascinated with an ambition of Nobunaga that he exerted himself for Nobunaga's trial of unification of Japan. Then he succeed the ambition from Nobunaga and consummated it, after Nobunaga was killed by his vassal's rebellion.

This is the symbol of Toyotomi family: "Family crests". Actually this crests are originated from the Emperor of Japan and this is still used for the Emperor's Family now.

The design of the crests is from a Chinese parasol tree: blue-paulownia. Blue-paulownia is known as something good luck, because it is said to be a perch of Chinese phoenix.

The main reason why Hideyoshi Toyotomi could succeed in his life is he was extraordinary diligent in his work with optimistic character. Since such mind/attitude is succeeded to our generation, we are called worker-ants in the business fields!

Only hard working lead us a lofty goal; that is Japanese sprit!!!
That is why We Love Japan!

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  1. At first he imposed such measures as sword hunting in order to enforce the prohibition of the use of arms by farmers.