July 07, 2009

"KANJI" No.3 - Creation -

I am fond of this letter pronounced "Sou-Zou", which means collectively "Creation".

"創造" is established by combination of "創/Sou" and "造/Zou".
This is because "Creation" is, in Japanese, defined by the two thoughts:
1) Invention: Invent something new ideas that don't exist before, and
2) Embodiment:Make such new ideas be formed as tangible ones

Thus, "創/Sou" means invention and "造/Zou"means embodiment.

When you put this letter on your clothing, you need to be the person with creation!!
You, namely, have to be men/women with action-oriented mind as well as abundant ideas!

Thanks to this ideology, Japan has succeeded in bearing many global company, such as TOYOTA, SONY, CANON, etc. That is why We Love Japan!!!

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