July 18, 2009

Japanese Tradition: Osaka Castle

Samurai: it's one of the symbol in Japanese tradition.

They were born in 8th century and activated till 1867, when Edo period finally ended. During the long history of Samurai, they were at their best in the Warring States period (15th - 17th); therefore the Warring States period attracts many Japanese strongly.

At that time Japan was divided by many autonomous feudal lord (called "Daimyou") and each Daimyou constantly tried to enlarge their influence by armed conflict in order to unify the nation. This upheaval had been finally settled by three consecutive Daimyou: Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Iesasu Tokugawa. They are very famous in Japan as the heroes of making history.

This is the Japanese castle, named Osaka Castle, established by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1583.

Hideyoshi constructed this castle as a symbol of unification of Japan at that time. The castle itself is 8 stories-building, and you can enjoy a beautiful Japanese garden, moats and solemn gates and castle walls!

Many foreigners visit here and they are lost in thought on the era of 410 years ago. (Just like pigeons as the below photo!!!)

I am going to introduce many kinds of Japanese castle and our Samurai's histories, because We Love Japan!

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