July 05, 2009

"KANJI" - No.2 - "Dragon"

I think the above KANJI is relatively famous for foreigners, because many KANJI T-shirts are used this letter for its design, as per below.

This KANJI is pronounced "RYU" in Japanese, which means a dragon.
This letter is used for some of Japanese names for men, because parents wish that their child will grow powerfully like a dragon.

This KANJI looks cool! When you have this KANJI in your T-shirt, please behave with strong-mind and confidence!!

Japanese KANJI is very unique and stylish.

That's why We Love Japan!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, it's a cool kanji!
    But it's sad when people that don't know Japanese go out wearing shirts like that one.
    I've heard from a friend who knows Japanese that one friend of him bought a shirt with some Japanese writings without knowing the meaning. When he saw it... well, it was wrote "Delicious meat". Sad, huh? ;p