July 26, 2009

Let's glance at Japanese souvenir! - in Narita International Airport -

When you visit Japan, you will be at a loss to select Japanese souvenirs, because we have so many unique goods, such as traditional ones, characters, electrical products, etc.

So I am introducing some of our Japanese souvenirs today. What I show you today is from Narita International Airport, where is the last place you can buy souvenirs prior to departure. Please check the following souvenirs in advance so that you can save your time in the airport!

1. Small articles

- Stand mirror designed by Japanese famous places and characters (Left)
- Magnet clip with Japanese traditions (Center)
- Chopsticks with Japanese design (Right)

- Traditional handy mirror(Left)
- "Sensu": Japanese traditional handy fan (Center)
- Japanese lacquerware (Right)

"Maneki Neko": Fortune Cat (They bring you happiness!)

2. Character goods

- KITY-chan (Left)
- TOTORO from a famous animation film (Center)

3. KANJI/Family Crests

- KANJI T-shirts

- KANJI Letter (Left)
- Phone Strap with Family Crests (Right)

4. Kimono

- Kimono for summer season (You can easily put it on without any skill!) (Left)
- Pouch for Kimono (Center & Right)

- "Sensu" for Kimono Shoes for Kimono (Left)
- Shoes for Kimono (Center)
- Kimono lady (If you/men don't have your girlfriend...) (Right)

5. Samurai/Ninja
- Samuai armors (You can put on) (Left)
- Samurai armors (miniature) (Center)
- Samurai doll

Ninja Mask

These are just a part of our various souvenirs!!
Please present these Japanese souvenirs for your families, friends and partners, because We Love Japan!

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  1. Oh-my-gosh I'm going to Japan in July and I was thinking where would I buy those kind of stuff.
    Hope they're not expensive, cause I want to buy everything. x3